Dr. Goren is a very professional physician who takes  his time and answers all your questions. I've sent many of my friends to him and each one of them has come out with exceptional results. I like having a physician with whom you can have NO doubts!



Alyse A.

Glendale, CA.

(from Yelp, January 1, 2013)


I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Goren.  He gave me a lengthy, informative consultation at no charge which instilled my confidence and trust in him. It was borne out every step of the way throughout the surgery and treatments. He charges reasonable rates and does not nickel and dime you.  He takes great pride in his work and I am very pleased with the results.

4. Dear Dr. Goren and Dr. Zeester,

I wanted to send these before and after surgery shots of both my legs. These pictures (only 3 weeks after the procedure !) do not do my legs justice.They 

look even better because all the bruising is gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Goren. I had very big and painful varicosities and I am blessed to to have found him. Feel free to have any of your patients call me if they would like to talk about the procedure Dr. Zeester. Dr. Zeester's phone 818.907.6110 Dr. Goren's phone 818.905.5502 in case you would like to reach out to one another.

5. Dear Dr. Goren,

Thank you so much for treating me today. I am doing well. Am experiencing no pain or discomfort. Thank you!
I feel very fortunate to have you as my doctor ...you with such high standards and wonderful expertise. Thank you!
Will see you September 10th.



6. Dear Dr. Goren,

I can't thank you enough for your kindness, generosity and expertise who all benefited me.


7. Dear Dr. Goren,

I am back from The Mayo Clinic. If it weren't for you none of this incredible journey would have been made possible. I am forever indebted to you and the fact that you cared enough to go the extra mile for me. Mayo Clinic claims everything to be an then some. I am for ever grateful for my journey there and I am glad to report that we have a diagnosis. I want to thank you again for your time, your kindness and for linking me to my missing puzzle piece. Because of you, and because of you cared enough about me, I solved years of medical mystery and misery. I can now look forward to recovery and to a pain free life.

Louise A.

Canoga Park, CA

(from Yelp, June 6, 2013)


Valerie G.-C.

received by E-mail July 3, 2013

Dora J. B. Los Angeles, CA

(received by E-mail, August 13, 2013)


Ligia, M.D.

(received by E-mail, September  27, 2013)

Full right leg, Before & After
(3 weeks apart)

From the bottom of my heart.

Very sincerely


(Received Oct. 21, 2014 via email)


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What do I do for a skin injury received after Sclerotherapy?


            I have seen skin injuries after sclerotherapy but usually, very small ones 2-3 mm in diameter but larger than that should not happen! I do not know what size vein(s) have been injected and where the ”skin burn” is localized, hope not in the ankle area where the healing will be much slower. You must have been possibly injected with a too high concentration and the high volume of the sclerosing agent and also possibly not injected properly into the vein but rater in the skin and tissues along the vein! Occasionally, there are open communications between veins and arteries and the possibility does exist that the sclerosing agent while properly injected in the vein crossed into a small artery and caused severe tissue damage (necrosis) responsible for the damage and thus skin ulceration.

Unfortunately, there is not much one can do as eventually all will heal but it will take a few months. Most probably a scar for life will remind you of the “experience”.

            The injured area should be kept clean and covered with dry gauze to prevent any possibility of infection. If the area is by now clean namely not infected one should discuss with the practitioner the possibility of applying a colloid dressing called Duoderm. Compression stocking the knee is mandatory to prevent swelling which is the biggest enemy of any wound healing. Whenever just possible one should elevate the leg about the level of the heart; this should also reduce swelling by gravitational drainage. Any creams you may want to apply should never cover the ulcerated skin, just beyond its margins. In conclusion, be patient, it will go away but very slowly. How it is in Spanish: “Con paciencia se gana il cielo” or “Heaven is won with patience."