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What do I do for a skin injury received after Sclerotherapy?


            I have seen skin injuries after sclerotherapy but usually, very small ones 2-3 mm in diameter but larger than that should not happen! I do not know what size vein(s) have been injected and where the ”skin burn” is localized, hope not in the ankle area where the healing will be much slower. You must have been possibly injected with a too high concentration and the high volume of the sclerosing agent and also possibly not injected properly into the vein but rater in the skin and tissues along the vein! Occasionally, there are open communications between veins and arteries and the possibility does exist that the sclerosing agent while properly injected in the vein crossed into a small artery and caused severe tissue damage (necrosis) responsible for the damage and thus skin ulceration.

Unfortunately, there is not much one can do as eventually all will heal but it will take a few months. Most probably a scar for life will remind you of the “experience”.

            The injured area should be kept clean and covered with dry gauze to prevent any possibility of infection. If the area is by now clean namely not infected one should discuss with the practitioner the possibility of applying a colloid dressing called Duoderm. Compression stocking the knee is mandatory to prevent swelling which is the biggest enemy of any wound healing. Whenever just possible one should elevate the leg about the level of the heart; this should also reduce swelling by gravitational drainage. Any creams you may want to apply should never cover the ulcerated skin, just beyond its margins. In conclusion, be patient, it will go away but very slowly. How it is in Spanish: “Con paciencia se gana il cielo” or “Heaven is won with patience."