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RN Alyse’s  Complaints

In May of 2012, after two years of temporary retirement, I happily reopened my Vein Practice I closed in 2010. Soon thereafter, I hired my 31-year younger lady friend of already three years,  Ms. Alyse Aratoon, an RN by education but without a valid/active license that she gave up a long time before when she gave birth to her two children. Alyse became my receptionist/secretary and nurse, basically an office manager. For a better and correct read, I will divulge that I met the married Ms. Aratoon, way back in December 2009, through a Salacious for Cheaters website, and we became lovers the same day we met.  Yes, her services were not free for at least four months into our relationship, indeed I was a paying customer, or a 'John' as it is called, but I could care less, not then, and not now. By May 2010 we became a regular couple and our affair lasted over 11 years, until the summer of 2021, when it ended, in a very, very ugly way. 

I want to be fair, so I recognize that Alyse was above and beyond exceptional in both of her professional tasks. All my patients loved her and in at least 30% of the 5-star reviews I received on Yelp, her superlative qualities were also mentioned.

Several years later, per her request, I also treated her bulging and unsightly hand veins. Below, are the 'Before and After photos of Alyse's left hand.


Unfortunately, however, I am now forced, against both my will and wishes, to digress from a medical subject and throw light on a rather private situation that could have dire consequences on my practice, my good name, and on my livelihood itself.

As already mentioned before, Ms Aratoon and I had a personal intimate relationship that lasted 11-plus years finally culminating in an unpleasant parting of ways in the summer of  2021 that, as expected, shook both of us. Obviously, our professional relationship ended too, as expected.

Indeed, ever since our final estrangement, I have neither seen nor spoken to Alyse, and she has not stepped one foot in my office.

An aggrieved and revengeful 'Amazing Alyse'. as she calls herself, made a calculated decision to somehow cruelly slander my good name by insinuating that I am not fit to continue practicing medicine, my VEIN treatments, which I started way back in 1984. Her arguments would point to my advanced age and her bold-faced, brazen lie, that I have a neurological condition (?) causing my hands to shake thus incapable of performing my craft. To cover herself in her blatant lies and that  God forbid I may retailet,  she obtained a restraining order against me. She just forgot that we have quite a different background. I was never a jailbird, she was.

Indeed, In the autumn of the same year in which we broke up, namely 2021, a disgruntled Ms. Alyse, Aatoon approached the California Medical Board with her fraudulent and deceptive complaints mentioned above.

Doing their due diligence, the Board then investigated her claims for over a year, during that time, a humiliated me had to be examined by three independent physicians nominated by the Board and found absolutely ZERO merits to NONE of her claims. My license is active till 2024 when it has to be renewed that year, as the rules require, namely, every two years.

(See my current and active license below.)

I have since mailed a copy of the Medical Board's decision to Ms. Aratoon, but it appears that the Board's adjudication meant, and still means, nothing to a revengeful, bloodthirsty, 'Amazing Alyse.' Indeed, the Board's verdict did not satiate nor quench

her heinous blood lust against me.  On the contrary, it got even more robust.

At present-- just by the end of March 2023 --  almost two years after parting ways -- she decided to feed her lies, inuendos this time, all over the Social Media machine  (i.e. Google, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in an attempt to further denigrate my professional qualities and destroy a 39 years old Vein practice, my good name, and income. In one of her writings, she even called me an A-hole.

Here is a copy of my Medical License valid through 2024. 




Here I have enclosed some attachments which should simply speak for themselves.

I also invite all readers here, to consult my brand-new website on the subject of bulging and unsightly hand veins, by simply clicking on this link In the videos you will see, you can watch and hear the real Alyse. The site does include also a page of my unique professional biography (CV).

 Recently, just three/four short months ago, I performed my  VEIN hook extraction procedure on the forearms of a patient who happens to be a physician as well (a practicing Dermatologist). Years before, I and Alyse did her two hands. This time, everything was about forearm veins. Below, you will find the 'Before and After' photographs of the results obtained using this minimally invasive technique I named 'Rejuvahands.' The photos 'really' show how 'bad and incapacitated, handicapped, handshaking' and 'old' surgeon I am, as the revengeful nurse Alyse considers me to be.  By the way, 'Rejuvahands' is an offshoot of a minimally invasive, local anesthesia and office setting, European procedure called 'Ambulatory Phlebectomy' I learned about in Switzerland in 1989, and also introduced by me to the American Surgical Establishment in 1991. (See below!)

Moreover, please see all three attached videos and judge for yourself what "shaky hands" I have.

To conclude, I am sorry for my former nurse and lover. What motivates her to keep pursuing her blatant lies about me and my professional skills is clear to me, REVENGE! When I write these lines ( April 2023), almost two years have passed since our ugly parting ways. The Medical Board's verdict shot her claims down. In the lies-filled Yelp, Google, Instagram, etc. reviews she wrote, Ms. ALYSE ARATOON also called me (in Yelp) an A-hole as well!

I will not lower myself to her disgraceful level, and I wish her just the best.

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