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The Pelvic Congestion syndrome

This condition is encountered exclusively in women during and after pregnancies. Normally, the blood from lower abdomen and pelvis is drained back to the heart by veins that are branches of pelvic veins such as the internal iliac vein and the ovarian veins. The uterus is not far from these

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Varicose veins and pregnancy

There is no secret that women have more varicose veins than man. Certainly a family tendency is found in most of cases, man women alike, but pregnancy and especially multiple ones, predispose women to well surpass the number of man affected with the condition. During pregnancy there are several factors that

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Tendency to clot – Thrombophilia

Blood is of prime importance in the normal physiologic function of our entire body. In order to be effective, blood must be in a liquid state to be able to carry oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, body’s defense mechanisms (such as white cells, antibodies, etc.) to our tissues and organs. This

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