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With close to 33 years of experience as a vein specialist and with over 20 publications in the field of Phlebology, Dr. Goren is the clear choice in diagnosing and treating your vein problem(s).



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Board Certified Surgeon

Dr. Gabriel Goren is an Israeli Board Certified Surgeon who studied venous pathology, as an integral part in his 6 years of surgical residency curriculum. Athough Dr. Goren has under his belt additional two full years of Internal Medicine residency, obviously he is not an internist, nor is he a specialist in any other medical field that make up today's mosaic of  "vein specialists" who, searching for higher incomes, were drawn over night into a field they never belonged... Moreover, Dr. Goren considers that  for cosmetic condtions - varicose veins included - no suggested procedures are permitted to potentially be more harmful than the condition for which the patient is looking for therapeutic solutions.  

30 Years of Experience

After 20 years of an University based academic surgical career Dr. Goren opened the Vein Disorders Center (VDC) in Encino, CA in 1984, and next year (2014) he will celebrate 30 years of an exclusive office based VEIN practice. Moreover, the total (quite unparalleled) number of varicose legs (over 3500) treated by him in an office setting using Ambulatory Phlebectomy, the minimally invasive surgical protocol  since the early nineties, surpasses the seating capacities of NY’s Carnegie Hall (2804), LA’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (3194) as well as Disney Hall (2265).

Over 20 Publications in Vein Disorders Field

Contrary to many present "veins specialists", Dr. Gabriel Goren is published in numerous peer reviewed professional surgical/medical journals. Of the total 30+ surgical career publications, over 20 are in the field of phebology i.e. vein disorders. His 1991 article published in Am J Surg, (vol. 162, pages 166-74) on the minimally invasive Ambulatory Phlebectomy * for varicose veins was the first of its kind in the American surgical literature being the first to introduce the procedure to the American Surgical establishment.

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